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December 2018 Edition: Classic Recipes with a New Twist

In my journey to cook and bake everything, I've made a lot of classics along the way. After 5 years of cooking about 4 new recipes every week, you start to come across some pretty interesting recipes and some exciting new ingredients.

Just like song covers have their own twist, I bring you some kitchen adventure through this collection of classic recipes with a twist, such as this Swiss gratin recipe where the star ingredient is bread rather than potatoes; roast chicken caramelized with fishsauce; saffron orzotto, a faster and in my opinion tastier risotto made with pearl barley; Classic recipes but not as you know them!

Always on the hunt for new flavours, I've also uncovered some pretty wild ingredients that I've tried and tested for your cooking and baking pleasure, such as this duck breast pan-fried with preserved beancurd, blackened paneer cheese skewers, and apricot walnut & lavender cake.

If you're looking for excitement in the kitchen, why not try a twist on a recipe you like or give a new ingredient go (I pick an ingredient and find interesting recipes for them online). It might become a new favourite flavour or recipe. And, who knows, it might even end up being better than the original! ;D


New recipes added since the last newsletter: 46

Classics with a New Twist

Roast Vegetables & Feta Phyllo Ring Pie - It's hard to find a more presentable roast vegetables dish than this one. This crown dish is certainly fit for a king or queen!

Swiss Cheese Bread Gratin (Ramequin) - Don't have a cheese fondue pot at home? Here is the next best thing! Especially great on a cool winter night.

Vietnamese Fish Sauce Roast Chicken - Who knew fish and chicken got along so well? This is a great and easy way to keep things interesting in the kitchen.

Mixed Mushrooms with Cinnamon and Lemon - A great way to bling up breakfast with zesty and spicy twist to your fried mushrooms.

"Not Quite Hummous" Sunflower Seed Dip - Bet your guests can't work out what this delicious dip is made of though it will be oddly familiar. And I bet they'll also be back for more!

Fig & Walnut Porridge (GF) - Looking for a new way to breakfast? This delicious porridge is quick and doesn't have any oats in it.

Saffron Pearl Barley Orzotto - So much better than the classic in my opinion! There's just so much more texture from chewing barley.

Sicilian Chicken in Chocolate & Marsala Sauce - Chicken with chocolate? Yes, it's just a little bit in here and complements the Italian sauce beautifully.

Carrot & Orange Stirfry - Add a little colour to your meal with this zesty dish.

Millionaire's Shortbread with Tahini and Halva Caramel - Shortbread with a middle eastern slant. Guaranteed to change up the conversations at the table.

New Ingredients

Apricot, Walnut & Lavender Cake - Celebrate your inner goddess with this floral dessert. Careful not to use too much lavender though as it's a strong flavour.

Roasted Strawberries-filled Mascarpone Cheesecake with Pink Peppercorns - Pink Peppercorns are hard to source but their beautiful subtle peppery flavour is a beautiful compliment to strawberries!

American Apple Butter Bread Pudding - Think slowly caramelized apple sauce. It's amazingly delicious and even more so in a custardy bread pudding like this one.

Slow-Roasted Indian Lime Pickle Lamb Shoulder - Fabulously complex flavour, it's no surprise that the lime pickle (and other pickles) is such a staple as a condiment in indian households. It's sharp acidity complements the rich flavours of lamb beautifully.

Chinese Duck Breast Pan-fried with Preserved Bean Curd - This was certainly the oddest ingredient I tried this year. Once you get past the blood red coloured cubes, you'll find it goes really well to make delicious earthy sauces for both meats and veggies.

Other Honourable Mentions (that I'm especially excited about)
Semi-Dried Tomatoes

Baked Vegan Chocolate Cake

Macadamia & Mango Upside Down Cake

BBQ Blackened Paneer Cheese Skewers

Happy kitchen adventures!