Below is a collection of newsletters mailed out with newly discovered recipes.

Classic Recipes with a New Twist (Dec 2018)

Fruits and Veggies Showing Off (Aug 2018)

New Discoveries Around the World (Dec 2017)

Playing with Fire (Jun 2017)

Fireworks of the Senses (Jan 2017)

Sweet & Savoury (Jan 2016)

Vegetables can be fabulous too (May 2015)

Top Classics and New Techniques in the Kitchen (Dec 2014)

Rediscovering Vietnam - A Foodie's Paradise (Aug 2014)

Sweet little distractions with a few new twists (July 2014)

Inaugural Edition of my Foodie Newsletter (Jan 2014)

In 2003, for 52 weeks, I also held weekly Culture Shock Mondays sessions at my apartment.