Anyong Heseyo Everyone!

Well, a few days in Korea and I'm already feeling at home! (at least surrounded by all this yummy Korean food -- Dok (rice noodles), Mandu (steamed pork buns), Kimbap (the Korean version of Sushi -- mostly the same), Korean barbeque (it's not the same barbeque as the "soup" that I had in Toronto before I left), and, yes, more spicy Kim-Chi cabbage... but daring as I am, I stayed away from fried silk worms (they sold them on the street!), pig heads, and dog restaurants.

We saw quite a few markets here (the fish market was the most interesting) and many palaces too (gorgeous architecture!!).

Well, I'm out of time (guess I got all tied up with the food talk)... today I'm going to the Korean Folk Village two hours away. I'm sure it will be great.

I'll send another email in a few days! (Please tell me if you are getting them too often!)


p.s. There are so many interesting statues and gargoyles here -- watch out Europe, you've got some competition!!!