Anyong Haseyo! ("Hello" in Korean)

I arrived in Seoul just last night, met by my friend Rebecca and her roommate from New Zealand!

The flight was long... but the Benadryl helped me sleep through half of it. So far, I've been lucky... no jet lag, no problems!

Funny thing in Korea... it smells like garlic everywhere. Koreans use tons of garlic in their Kim-Chi (Spicy Korean Cabbage appetizers), and Rebecca tells me they even serve Raw garlic as a side dish!!! (at least I'll be safe from Korean Vampires, unless they too like garlic).

Walking through the streets at night to my friend's apartment, I noticed several buildings had steeples with bright RED (!!) neon crosses on top (these are churches on the upper floors of building, most buildings have stores or restaurant on the main floor, with advertising signs all over the outside of the building.).

Today, I hung out with Rebecca at her school, a private school that teaches Korean kids English. The school, named "Kimpo Wonderland", located in the town of Kimpo, holds the cheesy slogan "Everyone smiles in wonderland". It's a cute place with classes as themed rooms (ie. Jurassic Park room, Airport Room, Kitchen Room, Bedroom Room, even a 7-11 & McDonalds Room). One thing that I thought was neat was that Korean parents put a lot of money into their kids outfits and looks (some kids had really interesting hairdos -- interesting cuts and bleached/coloured hair -- even one asian girl had long hair down mid-back and the tips were dyed GREEN!!

Well, in the next few days, I'll be checking out Seoul's many palaces, gates, temples and historical museums. Hopefully, I will also go to a Kim-Chi museum, where I can learn all about making Kim-Chi at home!!

("Goodbye", in Korean, of course!)