Australian vs Canadian Comparison Chart

This is a personal comparison chart of the Australian versus Canadian culture. I composed this chart to entertain my family and friends at home in Canada as well as my newfound buddies here is Oz.

Please let me know if you'd like me to review a topic and add it to the page.




GREETINGS & CONVERSATION Hi = "How are ya goin'?"
Response to Thanks = "It's alright" / "It's ok"
Response to Sorry = "No problem"
Hi = "How are ya doin'?"
Response to Thanks = "Sure, no problem"
Response to Sorry = "No worries"
MONEY Plastic unbreakable dollar bills
Really heavy change ($2, $1, $0.50, $0.20, $0.10, $0.05), huge 50 cent coins
No pennies
Dual payment card (debit and credit)
Colourful tearable bills, sometimes tapped back together
Light change ($2, $1, $0.25, $0.10, $0.05, $0.01) and dual-metal toonies
Single Payment Cards (debit OR credit)
LEFT SIDE OF THE ROAD Drive on the left side of the road
Walk on the left side of the sidewalk
Walk on the left side of the escalator
Drive on the right side of the road
Walk on the right side of the sidewalk
Walk on the right side of the escalator
INTERSECTIONS You need to indicate that you want to cross the street by hitting a button on a nearby post. Pedestrian walk signs change automatically, in line with the direction of traffic.
ECO-CONSERVATION No recycling bins on the street
Huge use of bright green cotton bags for groceries
Toilets have half flush or full flush option
All the electrical outlets have on and off switches
Recycling bins on the street
Huge use of plastic bags for groceries
Toilets only have full flush option
Electrical outlets do not have on and off switches
SENSE OF HUMOUR Blunt, Cheeky and Unabashed Sophisticated and Politically-correct
BREAKFAST Eggs, toast, bacon and a grilled tomato
Half round hock of ham and half classic american bacon strip, resulting in a "d"-shaped piece
Lamb sausage three quarters of a foot long
Eggs, toast, hashbrowns, bacon or sausage
American classic strip bacon
Pork sausage three inches long
RESTAURANTS Thai, Sushi, Malaysian, Chinese, East Indian, Kebabs
Sushi, Italian, Thai, East Indian, West Indian
UNIQUE REGION-SPECIFIC FOOD Meat pies, beetroot and egg burgers (yes, that's with a quarter pounder meat patty), passion-fruit cheesecakes (yum!), lamb & mint potato chips, kangaroo, emu and "bush tucker" (outback food) which includes cooked grubs.
Poutine, Meat Pies, Saskatoon Berry Jam, Apple Butter